Attractions in Trang

Koh Laoliang (Laoliang Island)

Thai: เกาะเหลาเหลียงเหนือ
Address: เกาะเหลาเหลียง Ko Sukon, อำเภอ หาดสำราญ Trang 92120
Province: Trang
Region: Southern Thailand

Located 30 km off the coast of Trang Province, Ko Lao Liang is a massive twin rock island amidst the sea, consisting of two parts: north and south island. White sand on the beautiful secluded beaches has split challenging limestone cliffs apart from clear blue water.

Both soft and hard corals are still plentiful and intact as visitors have been barred for years, leaving all creatures proliferating naturally.

There are plenty of activities on offer, including snorkeling through some amazing house reefs, sea kayaking across crystal horizons and shimmying up the islands’ cliffs. At night there’s a restaurant and small bar sometimes puts together seafood barbecues.

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