Buddhist TemplesWat Pathum Khongkha Ratchaworawihan

The ancient second classed Royal Monastery of Ayutthaya period was in the past usually called Wat Sampheng, due to its location within Sampheng commercial quarter. Somdet Krom Phraratchawang Borworw Mahasurasinghanat in King Rama I’s reign renovated the entire monastery as a merit making dedicated to his fater Thongdee and renamed the temple to Wat Pathumkhongkha.

Ubosot (the main chapel) made of brick and mortar has a principal Buddha image of Subduing Mara (demon) posture enshrined inside. Doors and windows of Wiharn (The Sermon hall) are of beautiful lacquered gold leaf painting patterns.

In the back, the stone of Lord Buddha’s footprint is placed.

Wat Pathum Khongkha Ratchaworawihan


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