Buddhist Temples

Buddhist Temples in Bangkok

The third classed Royal temple was built in 1848 during the reign of King Rama III by Chao Phraya Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) the chief commander who had a great faith in buddhism after coming back with victory from the war against the Vietnamese and Khmers.

He donated his house together with the land for temple construction and named the temple Wat Chaichana Songkhram (literally war victory) as a commemoration to his having a victory from the war.

As his house together with the monks’ residences and other buildings the temple were tuek (concrete buildings) the people then called the temple Wat Tuek. Ubosot (the main chaple) has gilded and mirror decorated chor fah (axis of the gable end) door and window frames made of marble.

Inside, the principal Buddha image named Singhamunin Thammabodin Lokanart Thewa Norachataphipuchani is enshrined there is also repository for tripitaka manuscript hall which is lacquered gold leaf painted both interior and exterior.

Wat Chai Chana Songkhram


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