Shrines & Spirit Houses

Shrines & Spirit Houses in Bangkok

Follow the legend about Spirit Pomegranate residing tell that. Spirit Pomegranate residing is your governor of a province daughter in Hokkien. Precinct there is the mind pays attention to in the Dharma a Since.

The tiny get give oneself spirit residing Kum-In student waits for to help person distress original court is wooden cottage from age 100 more years while whiling second world war people comes in to take refuge in this court appear that safe everybody war back who respect can believe in to accompany with build the court upwards new when year 2498 now Thai Chinese the Goddess Jui Boi Nia or Tui Buie Seng Niaw, the family name of Chinese tastes spirit residing birthday date 23 month.

Thapthim Goddess Shrine

Thapthim Goddess Shrine


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