Shrines & Spirit Houses

Lopburi Province

Is a temple in the Brahman religion. Dating from the 16th Buddhist century, it is built of laterite slabs laid on top of each other with a wide base.

It is one of significant Khmer”s places of worship in Lop Buri Province. Phra Kan Shrine is a prang in large size It has high base with 4 front porch and there is a staircase at each of the 4 sides.

The prang has already been fallen apart. Approximately, it is aged around the early 13th Buddhist century. Significant antiques found within the shrine are as follow the figure of Phra Kan which represents a unique type of sculpture, and the figure of Phra Narai without the part of the head. It is replaced the head of a stone Buddha image of Ayutthaya period.

The Department of Fine Arts had acclaimed and registered this ancient site on the 2nd August 1936.

Phra Khan Shrine


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