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Established by Mr. Tae Tiang or Yi Ko Hong who was the head responsible for the lottery and was later titled as Phra Anuwatratchaniyom. In 1916 he and Teochew merchants donated some money to build a school. With the first fund of 300.000 baht the construction took 3 years, due to World War I the school was complete and opened on May 24, 1920.

At the beginning there here about 500 students and was tough in Chinese other Teochew dialect teaching schools were merged the Peiing school, as it was considered as the most respected school at that time. Between 1935-1936, Peiing school was closed, and when it was authorized to re-open, the name was changed to “Jew Kong Hok School”.

Teaching was added in accordance with the act of legislation about primary education. During World War II the school was closed again (1939-1945) and it was re-opened with theoriginal name of “Peiing School”.

Peiing Public School from 1920

Peiing Public School from 1920

Peiing Public School from 1920


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