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Located in Chao Phraya River

Originally, there were two shrines attached together, that were Cho Sue Kong Shrine and Kuan-U Shrine. It is said that the two Shrines were built in Thonburi period by a group of Chineses who followed King Taksin the Great to settle the new capital city at Thonburi.

Later in Rattanakosin period during the reign of King Rama III, a number of Hok Kian Chineses pulled down the two old shrines and rebuilt it into one new shrine, an image of Chao Mae Kuan-Im (Goddess Kuan-Im) was invited to enshrine inside instead of the existing images and named it Kuan An Keng Shrine.

Later the shrine was dilapidated because it had no maintenance, until when Somdet Kromphraya Damrong Rachanuphap had come to Wat Kalayanamit to participate in the casting of a big bell, he saw the old shrine. He, therefore, wrote to Somdet Kromphraya Naritsara Nuwatiwong as the following substances:

Kuan An Keng Shrine in Chao Phraya River

“This shrine is in the deteriorated condition, the mural paintings are cracking and falling down, some of them are destroyed from rain and bats. So these paintings have to an urgent need to preserve, because they were the masterpieces of the skilled artists that cannot be found these days.

Also the beautiful old wooden carving figures are damaged, the most damaged are the intricately sculpted images and decorated items on the roof of the shrine. These are national ancient monuments that need to be preserved as soon as possible”.

At present, the shrine is in the care of the Simasathian family (the former Sae Sim family) which is an old family who have resided this area for a long time.

Kuan An Keng Shrine in Chao Phraya River


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