Siriraj Medical MuseumBoats in Bangkok Noi, Siriraj Medical Museum

The types of Boats falling into two categories based on the construction techniques used. There were dugouts which were made from hardwood trunks which had to be straight and free of any holes and cracks, and which were hoLLowed-out. except at each end.

There were also assembled boats made from planks, which had keels and whose size depended on the frames used.

Rua Khem or Rua O (an assembled boat with a small and narrow hull) – An adapted version of the Rua Bat, its bow and stern are pointed. It is light and fast, and is known for having gunwales that protect its seals from the waves. This type of boat is used mostly for commuting, or on some occasions in races Buddhism monks in rural areas travel on such boats to receive alms.

Rua Pai Ma, Pen Ma, Pae Ma or Pama (a dugout with its bow and stern beautifully raised) – There are both small and larger versions of this type of boat. In the past these boats served commuters, plus were used by song performers and boat racers during robe-giving events. They were also used to transport cargo.

Ruo Hong Yao (an assembled long-tail boat) – This fast boat is made from softwood, making it light and buovant. It is narrow but long, and when carrying passengers has many folding seats. Its canopy is made from colored canvas sheeting and its engine is placed at the stern. Its propeller shaft is just over two meters long; hence the name ‘long-tail’ boat.

Rua Taxi (an assembled towboat) – Boatmen also refer to this as a stored towboat. In the past such boats were powered by steam engines running on wood fuel, but now these boats are powered by diesel engines, have big propellers and a large displacement – to increase the towing capacity.

Rua Sampan Suan (an assembled boat with raised gunwales) – This style of boat is 8 to 16 meters long and has a cabin in the middle of the boat and sliding shades at its bow and stern – to block light and rain. This type of boat is suitable for long trips and is usually used for selling fruit and as accommodation.

Rua Bot (a slim, assembled boat) – It Is light and can go quite fast. Commuters usually use the Rua Bot for short trips; for example, people traveling on larger boats will often travel ashore on a Rua Bot – in places where large boats cannot dock. On the small single-seater versions of these boats people usually use double bladed paddles.



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