Ancient Siam

The Ancient City in Samut Prakan (Muang Boran)

Prasat Phra Wihan (Preah Vihear) stands on the summit of Phra Wihan Hill, on the edge of the south face of the Phanom Dong Rak Range escarpment on the Thai-Cambodian border, Si Sa Ket Province.

It was built in the reign of King Suriyavarman I around 1038 A.D.
Khao Phra Wihan at Ancient City is an artificial hill 54 meters high, 66 meters wide and with a 250 of hill slope. Khao Pha Wihan provides an excellent vantage point from which to look out over the whole display.

72. Khao Phra Wihan (Preah Vihear), Si Sa Ket





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