Monuments & Memorials

Monuments & Memorials in Bangkok

Pathum Thani Province

It was built as a memorial to the valiant Thai people and the heroes including heroines who sacrificed their lives and went through many difficulties to protect the Kingdom from enemies, and who were able to maintain Thailand’s independence, sovereignty and let it having a steadfast religion and monarchy untill today.

The memorial is comprises of a monumental stone engraved with the names of the brave people who sacrificed themselves for the country.

The National Memorial

The Ceremonial Building

  • The Ceremonial Ground
  • The Pillar of Eternal Flame “Nirandprahha”
  • Statues of Thailand’s Nine Great Kings
  • Ten battlefield soils
  • The Founding of the Ancient Capitals of Thailand
  • The Eight Sacred Belongings
  • The Royal Awards and Decorations

Military History and Museum Building

  • 1st Floor Five battles displays
  • 2nd Floor Hall of Fame
  • 3rd Floor Miniature historical events replicas
  • 4th Floor Thai military uniform displays

Exclusive Building for Panoramic Display

Outdoor Museum and Landscape Architecture

Fancycarp Pond

Thai freshwater fish pond


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