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Nakhon Pathom Province

Another historical site located in Wat Phra Padhon Chedi temple, Tambon Phra Patdhon. It is located 2 kilometers to the east of Phra Pathom Chedi down Petchakasem road. The former shape of Phra Padhon Chedi was an upside down bell like other Chedi that was built in Dvaravati period.

As Wat Phra Padhon Chedi is located in the middle of the ancient city of Nakhon Chaisi thus several artifacts were discovered during excavations.

Some of the discovered items include Buddha images, heads of Buddha images and Buddha images in terra cotta, as well as a bronze figure of a garuda gripping naga under it’s claws, which is the official symbol of King Rama VI.


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