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Find out where to go and what to do, Attractions and places to visit for tourists in Nonthaburi Province

Nonthaburi Market

Nonthaburi Province Located a short walk from the Nonthaburi Pier (N30) the end of the Chao Phraya River boats, a local Thai street market.

Koh Kret Market

Nonthaburi Province This tiny island has reached its prosperous time since the Ayutthaya era. Therefore, most of the temples were established in the Ayutthaya style. Lived...

Phra Wiharn Reclining Buddha in Koh Kret Island

Nonthaburi Province Phra Wiharn houses 9.5 meters long reclining Buddha of the late Ayutthaya period. Besides, a charming marble Buddha image offered to King Rama...

Wat Paramaiyikawat

Nonthaburi Province One of the most significant art objects in the temple is the Maha Raman Pagoda, a Mon style pagoda at the bank of...

Wat Bang Chak Big Buddha

Nonthaburi Province It's large golden Buddha statue that is located in Nonthaburi province facing out over the river of Chao Phraya.

Wat Phai Lom (Phia To)

Nonthaburi Province This monastery built in the late Ayutthaya period and called by Mon people ‘Pia To’ has a charming …

Koh Kred Prottery Village in Koh Kret Island

Nonthaburi Province A village known as “Kwarn Ar- marn” or pottery village was settled in Thailand more than 2 centuries. The Mons villagers from Myanmar...

Kwan Aman Pottery Museum

Nonthaburi Province Kwan Aman Pottery Museum is famous for its large collection of the distinctive ancient Mon design ceramics, including a ground floor exhibition of...



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