Rallis Greek and European Restaurant

RUSTIC AUTHENTIC GREEK FOOD at Rallis can be enjoyed to the fullest in our ‘Outdoor Garden Restaurant’. The ambience makes you feel as if you are in the countryside of Greece, accompanied with plenty of space to relax and enjoy our ‘Feel Good, Taste Good Food & Drinks. A lovely private getaway spot in the center of Bangkok’s traffic, will not dissapoint any expectations of real Greek Hospitality.

Greek Food Delivery service / Greek food Banqueting / Events venue

Rallis Greek Burger
Rallis Greek Burger brings that homecooked experience of traditional Greek taste and aromatic goodness all in between our delicious homemade Origano buns.
Pastitsio is one of those delicacies
Pastitsio is one of those delicacies where eating one piece can turn into eating the whole tray. The way the rich tasty texture of creamy cheese topping sits on the straw shaped tomato meat sauce infused pasta, is definitely something to savour.
A Gyros a day keeps the hunger away
A Gyros a day keeps the hunger away.
Enjoy Rallis family sets built with all the necessary energy for your body to feel good.
Just in case you thought only meat will be served
Just in case you thought only meat will be served, small meat eaters and non-meat eaters fear not.
Its hard to discriminate against carbs and veggies when Rallis offers the best home-made village bread, home-made pita, greek salad and traditional dips.
Gyros is an ancient Greek formula
Gyros is an ancient Greek formula which is very difficult to find in Thailand. We pay close attention to fine raw ingredients here at Rallis. Our homemade dough and signature marinated pork is delicious, you will definitely experience a taste of satisfaction which embraces Greek taste. Don’t worry about the rain and the traffic jam outside, call and order Rallis’s Pork Gyros on Line Man delivery and enjoy your meal within the comfort of your home.
Rallis Gyros platter
Rallis Gyros platter Promotion set for 4 people



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