Attractions in Ranong

Khao Fa Chi Viewpoint Mountain

Thai: จุดชมวิวเขาฝาชี
Address: บางแก้ว ละอุ่น Ranong 85130
Province: Ranong
Region: Southern Thailand

Located in Tambon Bang Kaew, Khao Fa Chi is named because of its resemblance with traditional Thai food cover. The hill is an ideal vantage point where you can enjoy scenic views of the place where the La-un and the Kra Buri rivers merge.

The beauty of the place is enhanced manifold by the many river islands that are formed here.

This is also the best place where you can enjoy a delightful view of the verdant landscape of Ranong. The sunsets here are often breathtaking. There are remnants of a Japanese military base replete with warship wrecks, remains of a railway line and underground tunnels. Japanese soldiers used this area as a port, sending support to Burma during the Second World War.

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