Attractions in Ranong

Grass Hill or Bald Hill, Phu Khao Ya

Thai: ภูเขาหญ้า
Address: Unnamed Road Ngao, Mueang Ranong District, Ranong 85000
Province: Ranong
Region: Southern Thailand

Located in Tambon Ngao, Phu Khao Ya, Ranong, also referred to as the Grass Hill is an average sized hill that is famous for being a geographical anomaly.

Known to local residents by a variety of names and endearingly referred to as Thailand’s version of a Swiss pasture, Phu Khao Ya, Ranong is absolutely devoid of trees which impart a bald look to the hill.

It makes for a picturesque sight during the rainy season when rain pours down on this grass-covered hill. Phu Khao Ya supports walking trails and it also provides good vantage points offering unbroken views of Ranong whilst having a picnic.

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