Attractions in Phitsanulok

Wat Chulamani Temple

Thai: วัดจุฬามณี
Alternative Names: Wat Chula Manee Temple
Address: 50/3 หมู่2 ริมน้ำ Tha Thong, Mueang Phitsanulok District, Phitsanulok 65000
Province: Phitsanulok
Region: Northern Thailand

Located on the eastern bank of the Nan River, some 5 km. south of downtown Phitsanulok, the temple is an ancient monument that had existed before Ihe Sukhothai Era. The temple is located on the site that was once Song Khwae Town.

King Borommatrailokkanat of Ayutthaya built a Wihan and entered monkhood at this temple. There were 2.34S officials following him into the monkhood. Wat Chulamani houses a Khmer-style pagoda and the Buddha’s footprint built in 1678.

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