Attractions in Phetchaburi

Hat Chao Samran Beach

Thai: aaaaa
Names: aaaaa
Names: aaaaa
Address: aaaaa
Province: Phetchaburi
Region: Western Thailand

Located 16 km southeast of Phetchaburi town center and 6 km north of Puek Tian Beach, Hat Chao Samran is a very popular beach among Thai people. The name means “beach of a happy king”.

It has a history that can be traced back to the Ayutthaya Era. There are very few Western tourists, but also few restaurants, activities, etc. Had Chao Samran is a long quiet beach where you will notice an absence of high-rise hotels, resorts and people. Swimming in the warm waters is a favorite pastime for many of the locals, Chao Samran Beach is a peaceful place to unwind and a nice destination for a ride as the road is very pleasant.

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