Attractions in Khon Kaen,

Phu Wiang National Park

Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติภูเวียง
Tourist attractions: Dinosaur Footprints, Waterfalls, Nature Trails Famous for: Dinosaur exhibits
Established: 1991
Address: Nai Muang Sub-district, Amphur Phu Wiang, Khon Kaen, Thailand 40150
Province: Khon Kaen
Region: Northeastern Thailand (Isan)

Phu Wiang National Park, established in 1991 best known for its sites of dinosaur’s fossils and its enclosed mountains which form volcanic crator-like, with only one narrow strip of entrance. The park embraces approximately 320 square kilometers, with its terrain ranging from 210 to 844 meters above sea level.

The park itself is approximately 74 km far from the city of Khon Kaen and covers the area of 5 districts of this province.

Flora: The park forest can be classified into 3 types; mixed deciduous, dry dipterocarp, and dry evergreen forest.

The first two types cover the lower terrain of the mountain and are us* to make general household wood items. Meanwhile, growing on the higher level of the mountain is the dry evergreen forest Giving strong and hard wood, this group also plays an important role in the timber industry. Wild life – Roaming around the park are wild boar, fox, palm civet, wild rabbit, etc. These animals are common members and can be seen in the national parks around Thailand.

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