Attractions in Phetchabun

Nam Nao National Park

Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติน้ำหนาว
Tourist attractions: Waterfalls, Viewpoints, Caves
Established: 1972
Address: Amphur Nam Nao, Phetchabun, Thailand 67260
Province: Phetchabun
Region: Central-Northeastern Thailand

Its office located some 50 km. cast of Lorn Sak along Highway 12, this is an immense tract of dry evergreen forest. Spread over rolling hills and including pineries and grasslands, it is the habitat of many diverse animals, and more than 100 bird species.

In December and January, the temperature can drop to as low as 2 degrees Celsius. Points of interest arc spread out. Attractions reached by taking Highway 12 include: Tham Pha Hong with stalactites and stalagmites, located 300 m. north from Km.39;

Ban Pack Pinery, reached by a 5 km. walk from Km.49: Phu Khum Khao Pinery. 15 km. from Km.53, covering an area of about 10 and Heo Sai and Sai Thong Falls, located on the same trail, reached on foot. 1 km. and 1.5 km. respectively off the main road at Km.67.

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