Attractions in Nakhon Sawan

Bueng Boraphet

Thai: บึงบอระเพ็ด
Nakhon Sawan
Region: Central Thailand

Bueng Boraphet is the largest freshwater swamp in Thailand. It has an area of around 212 square kilometers. It covers parts of Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Tha Tako and Amphoe Chum Saeng.

In the past Bueng Boraphet was called “the northern sea” or “Chom Bueng” as there was an abundance of aquatic animals and plants.

According to surveys, there are still some 148 species of animals and 44 species of plants here. Rare animals include white-eyed river-martin and tiger perch.

During November to March a large number of waterfowls migrate here. Some parts of the swamp have been declared the Bueng Boraphet Non-Hunting Area under the care of the Wildlife Conservation Division. Bueng Boraphet is also a fish breeding ground where the Department of Fisheries has set up the Bueng Boraphet Fishery Development Station.

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