Master Chef Shigeru Hagiwara at Michelin Plate restaurant Yamazato introduces a menu that you can order to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Menu selection includes salads, grilled dishes, fried dishes, rice dishes, sushi rolls, teppanyaki, bento and donburi.

Recommended items are grilled eel serve with rice, salad, Japanese egg roll, vegetable soup and pickles; deep-fried oyster with breadcrumbs and Ebiten maki roll. For beef lovers, premium Japanese black cattle sirloin from Kagoshima Prefecture comes with steamed rice.

Also, menu options are Omakase Sushi Deluxe, which includes Futomaki roll, California roll, tuna belly nigiri, salmon nigiri, yellow tail nigiri and crab nigari, Premium Nigiri Box, which include Tuna belly, tuna, scallop, smow crab, conger eel, salmon, uni, sea bream, yellow tail, shrimp, striped jack, dried gourd shavings roll and tamago yaki, Premium Barachirashi Box, which include Tuna belly, tuna, eel, salmon, uni, sea bream, yellow tail, shrimp, ikura, takuan, cucumber and tamago yaki or the Premium Teppan Box, which features succulent Satsuma wagyu sirloin, Hokkaido scallops, Norwegian salmon, and prawn grilled to perfection and served with garlic rice.

To make an order, click menu or contact 02 687 9000, email or send a message to Line Official Account.

Order Time is between 11:00 – 19:00
Delivery can be arranged by 3rd party delivery service, such as Line Man. Delivery cost will be charged according to your destination.
For information and reservations, please contact 02 687 9000 or email
Prices are inclusive 7% government tax.

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