The Corner Steakhouse & Churrascaria Hua Hin

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Tel: 097 221 7890
Opening hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Eating and sharing food is one of life’s most pleasurable pastimes. It brings people together, not only for nourishment, but also to be social and spend time together. In Hua Hin, The Corner Steakhouse & Churrascaria, an “all you can eat BBQ buffet”, is set up for you to do just that; eat, drink and be merry!

The newly opened, The Corner Steakhouse & Churrascaria has bought to Hua Hin an updated version of the Korean BBQ. These Korean BBQs are designed to cook from the top down, which is an extremely effective way of cooking. There is neither smoke nor any smell; you can adjust the temperature of the cooker, plus it’s extremely healthy, as the fat gets drained away. When you’re resting between each round of cooking, you can turn down the heat until you’re ready to go again.

Brazilian Cuisine

To the food, and the biggest feature is the selection of proteins to choose from. Thickly cut strips of pork, chicken and beef have been marinated to perfection, enhancing the taste and helping to stop them drying out. This is the key to a great BBQ, as nobody likes their proteins overcooked and dry.

Bacon, small sausages and chicken wings are also on offer; just add some hot chips and everyone in your group will be happy. There is a large range of vegetables available to grill, as well as a salad bar to choose your own salad or a lettuce wrap. If you are vegetarian, the staff can setup a different plate for the grill, one specially designed for cooking vegetables.


One of the other features of Corner 112 is the other food stations where you can order dishes to compliment your BBQ meal, or order your entire meal from these stations, if you prefer. For lovers of grilled meats, the rotisserie section has grilled chicken, pork and pork ribs, all cooked to perfection. Two other food stations see a choice of sensational noodle soups, or for those who love Isaan food, there is a large selection of Isaan dishes at very reasonable prices; choose a som tam to go with your grilled meats.

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