Attractions in Cha Am

Fishing Pier, Cha Am

Province: Phetchaburi
Region: Western Thailand

Fishing Pier, Cha Am

Many people who visit Cha-Am take the time to go to the breakwater on the Southern side of the fishing boat harbour.

This is because at the end of the one kilometre breakwater pathway, the giant squid statue that is visible from much of the Cha-Am beach can be seen ‘up close and personal’.

However visitors often quickly pass through the entry to the breakwater and miss out on seeing what the squid statue celebrates and what the fishing harbour is all about; a fishing industry that provides local restaurants and vendors as well as the rest of Thailand with the best sea food.

At daybreak every morning fishing boats return to the sanctity of the harbour with their catch of squid, fish and a variety of shellfish.

The Fishing Pier in Cha Am

This is one reason why Cha-Am is so popular with visitors whether they are Thai people or foreigners; really fresh seafood. This is a working fishing village, not built as a tourist attraction or contrived in any way, but well worth a visit if you want to see how the ‘catch of the day’ arrives. Boats of various sizes and shapes ply the inlet before offloading their catch. The catch is sorted on the spot and may be quickly sent on its way to Bangkok markets but is also purchased for local consumption.

Anyone who is looking for seafood fresh from the ocean can bargain for their preference straight from the boat. At the entry to the fishing village, on the nearby beach front and within the village there are many restaurants where ocean delicacies can be enjoyed from morning ‘til night.

You can be assured that this is about as fresh as seafood can get! Many of the families who are operating these seafood restaurants have been involved in the fishing industry over generations; they really know their seafood!

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