Attractions in Buriram

Prasat Muang Tam

Thai: ปราสาทเมืองต่ำ
Opening Hours: 8AM–6PM
Address: ปราสาทหินเมืองต่ำ Chorakhe Mak, Prakhon Chai District, Chang Wat Buri Ram 31140
Province: Buriram
Region: Northeastern Thailand – ‘Isaan’

Prasat Muang Tam is located in the Prakorn Chai district of Buriram Province. (8 kilometers from Phanom Rung historical Park). It is a Hindu religious monument. It was constructed for the Hindu god Shiva. Its was build to hold religious ceremonies for the surrounding community. Archaeological studies have found that communities surrounded Prasat Muang Tam, for example Ban Kok Muang, Kok Yai Khan, Kok Salongthonbg, ect.

Artifacts found include ancient tools and household wares, for example clay bowls and a large amount of pottery. Evidence shows that Prasat Muang Tam is nearly as old as the surrounding communities. The architecture is of the ancient Khmer style. The structure was constructed about 1.000 years ago.

The position of Prasat Muang Tam is on one of the direct lines from Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the North. These lines pass Phnom Dangreek in Surin, Phanom Rung, Muang Tam in Buriram and Phimai in Nakhon Ratchasima. Evidence shows that these communities on the lines had relationships with one and other.

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