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Constitutional Court Building

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The building was originally the residence of Chao Phraya Rattanathibet (Phum Srichaiyant). It was built during the reign of King Chulalongkorn. The building is the style European Renaissance architecture, which at that time was very famous in the metropolitan, it was later added to be other department such as the guesthouse of the Ministry of Interior, the bureau of the former Ministry of Public Instruction office, agricultural and fishery department office, the Bangkok agricultural office and the department of agricultural extension respectively.

When the constitutional court was set up by the constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in 1997, the residence of Chao Phraya Rattanathibet was restored as the office of the constitutional court and has been in operation since August 27, 2000. The restoration of the residence was always under the design and supervision of the fine arts department.

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