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Khlong Mon

Thai: คลองคลองมอญ
District: Bangkok Yai

Also called Khlong Bang Saothong, the canal has been dug since Ayunhaya period, starting from the western side of Chao Phraya
river beside the Royal Navy Council passing Khlong Ban Khamin to reach Khlong Bang Kunsri, (Khlong Chak Phra) and Wat Koh, then divided into 2 branches, the upper branch called Khlong Bang Noi, while the lower called Khlong Bang Chueak Nang, the canal has a total length of 3 kilometers.

The canal is called Khlong Mon from the reason that this area was the settlement of Mon ethnic people. The canal was regarded as a strategic waterway.

Therefore a post was constructed on the canal to be a checkpoint of the transported merchandises and passengers. The Mon peoples were appointed as the post-keepers.

Along the canal, there are numerus important temples such as Wat Khrueawan, Wat Nak Klang, Wat Phraya Tham, Wat Chinorot, Wat Khrut, Wat Pho Riang, Wat Bang Saothong, Wat Paknam Fang Tai and Wat Koh. Nowadays the canal is one of the famous foreign tourist’s tour routes. The cabinet had a resolution in 1967 to have Khlong Mo, as a preserved canal.

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