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Bangkok Yai Canal

Thai: เขตบางกอกใหญ่
District: Bangkok Yai

Initialy the canal was called Khlong Bang Luang in the past Bangkok Yai Canal was the former Chao Phraya River’s stream line which flowed by passing. Bangkok Noi Canal to Taling Chan area and made a roundabout way to meet Bangkok Yai Canal delta of the present day.

Later in 1542 in the reign of Phra Chai Rachathirat, the king had ordered to dig a short-cut canal starting from the mouth of Bangkok Noi Canal to meet the old river at the front of Wat Arun Ratchawararam and bestowed the name Khlong Lat Bangkok Yai to the canal which then turned to be the main stream of Chao Phraya river nowadays Bangkok Yai Canal was an important area in the past because it was the main canal on which its banks were the location of
major temples, old community settlements, and residences of various high ranking noblemen such as houses of doctor Bradley and Thangsubut family.

Besides, the area adjacent to the canal used to be the famous betel (Phlu Market which called Talat Phlu).

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