Wat Werurachin

Thai: วัดเวฬุราชิณ
Address: 152 Thoet Thai 2 Alley, Bang Yi Ruea, Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600
District: Thon Buri
Nearby Attractions: Thon Buri District Office, Wat Intharam Worawiharn

Built in the reign of King Rama iii (1824-1851) by Chao Phraya Phollathep, the temple construction was completed in the reign of
Rama IV (1851-1888) and renamed Wat Mai Thongkhung, following the physical appearance of a bend of a water course.

Once granted the royal temple status, it was named Wat Mai Werurachin. The construction cost, it is said came from taxes levied on bamboo woods which Chao Phraya Phollathep was granted solely to collect.

During the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910) two high officials jointly restored the whole temple, and modified some of it’s structures.

The ordination hall (Ubosot) is Chinese in appearance, with lion statues at the stairways. Inside the hall there are wall paintings.

The princitpal Buddha image seated in Subduing Mara (Satan) posture, with two close disciples namely Saributra on his right and Moknmana on his left. A reclining Buddha image was kept in the Wiharn Hall.

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