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Wat Kanmatuyaram (Wat Yo Khan Tue)

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Wat Kanma Tuyaram, is a civil temple of the Dhammayuttika Nikai Sect. Mrs. Klin Sakhonwasi who was Phra Darunraksa (Mr. Kan Sakhonwasi)’s mother, was the founder of this temple in 1864. Therefore, the temple is named Wat Kanma Tuyaram, which means Temple of Mr. Kan (Phra Daunraksa)’s mother.

The Ordination Hall (Ubosot) was built with bricks and lime cement in the old style of narrow and tall buildings.

There are two tiered roofs with the roof finials (Chor Fa, Bai Raka, Hang Hong) covered with gold leaves and decorated with embedded mirror fragments, Na Bang (gable) is stucco sculptured in the pattern of rice balls in a bud lotus-shape, covered with gold leaves and decorated with colored fragments of glass. The poles of the Palai (veranda) are quadrilateral in shape and the bases of the poles and floor are made from marble.

The arch doors and windows are stucco sculptered of floral patterns with gold leaf covering. Inside the Ordination Hall (Ubosot) the mural paintings on the wall between each window depicting the story of Lord Buddha’s Life.

The windows are painted with colors of four floral patterns in a vertical row and are in the figures of fruit trays and surrounded by bunch of flowers.

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