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Saphan Ubon Rat Bridge

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King Vajiravudh ordered for the building of this bridge in 1912 for dedication to his royal consort, Phra Ong Chao Ubonrat Narinak Kromkhun Akkmaworaratchakanya of King Rama V. Her previous name was Motochaoying Bua, the daughter of Krommuenphuminphakdi, the sonn of King Nangklao the ancestor of Latdawan family and Chaochom Manda Chin, his royal consort, Kromkhun Akkhaworarachakanya. Passed away in 1901 by choking and spasm.

The bridge was finished in 1913. King Vajiravudh gave the name “Saphan Ubon Rat”. Saphan Ubon Rat is constructed from ferroconcrete. In the mid rail of the bridge on both sides engravements are made of the bridged name and the year 1912, when the bridge started being build. The opening ceremony of the bridge was held on April 27, 1913.

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