Ancient Siam

The Ancient City in Samut Prakan (Muang Boran)

Building principal Buddha images facing the four directions the compass is a tradition dated bank to the Dvaravati period. This practice continued in the Hariphunchai, Sukhothai, and Lanna periods. Some of the surviving images are those at Wat Phra Si Iriyabot in Kamphaeng Phet Province and at Wat Phumin in Nan Province.

This Mondop was erected at the Ancient City to house four Buddha images to reminisce this tradition from the past.

Native Language: มณฑปพระสี่ทิศ (เมืองโบราณ)
Address: km. 33 (old) Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo, Ancient City, Samut Prakan, Thailand and Bangkok office at 78/1 Democracy Monument cycle, Ratchadamnoen Ave., Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: (66)-02-7091644 and in Bangkok office (66)-2-2241057, 66-2-2261936-7
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 19:00
Administrative Division: Samut Prakan

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116. Mondop Phra Si Thit

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