Attractions in Ang Thong

Wat Pa Mok Worawihan

Thai: วัดป่าโมกวรวิหาร
Address: 1/ง หมู่ที่ 4 Tambon Pa Mok, Amphoe Pa Mok, Chang Wat Ang Thong 14130
Province: Ang Thong
Region: Central Thailand

Wat Po Mok Worawihan in Ang Thong province is home to a beautiful huge reclining Buddha image, named Phra Buddha Saiyat. Made of brick and plaster, the image is 24 meters from the hair knot to the feet and is believed to have been constructed during the Sukhothai period.

This temple is an integration of two former ones, originally knows as the Way Chi Pakhao and the Wat Talat. During the reign of King Thaisa of Ayutthaya, the temple was know as Wat Pamok because of the existence of so many ‘Mok’ (or Apocynarea) trees in the area.

Then the reclining Buddha at this temple is one of the oldest and the most beautiful of it’s kind. It is said to have been build during the Sukhothai period and is know housed in large Ayutthaya styled hall. There are several other buildings worth seeing and admiring in this temple.

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